To Our Loved Ones,

We are approaching 3 months of being on the field here in Asia!  Everyday (almost every moment) is different.  It’s a strange feeling when a foreign culture DOSEN’T feel strange anymore.  When we arrived in August: The smells were strange, the language was strange, the food was strange, etc. Today, 3 months later it’s beginning to feel normal.  This is answered prayer to our adaption.  We are still foreigners, and will always be foreigners, but we are beginning to feel like normal foreigners.  Praise G-o-d for our adaption!

Everyday, we are growing in our relationships with The L-ord.  Every morning is a new day to worsh-ip and know Him more.  Our growth in the L-ord is vital for the m-inistry and the people He sets in our path.  Before arriving, we knew that we were entering into an ongoing m-inistry.  But truly, “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”  There is so much work to be done here, but only a few workers.  Our senior and pioneer m-iss-ionaries began to hand over some of the m-inistry to our family, which we are happy to receive.  One of the reasons of being here is to support and relieve this family of some m-inistry tasks, so that they can expand the min-istry in a different area of this country.  In the future, our area will be a training center, and we will send workers to there area.  The vision is for the 2 regions to compliment one another.  We will train the locals here in the south, and send them to reach the villages in the north.

Mi-nistry Responsibilities
We know that the Ch-urch, is the body of C-hrist and the building is only a meeting place.  Our home has become the meeting place for the body to gather and w-orship.  We are hosting 3 times a week.  Once a week for Sunday Ch-u-rch, Once a week for di-scipleship and training, and once a week for pr-a-yer meetings.

Sunday Meetings:
For 3 Sundays out of the month, we have c-hu-rch with our senior m-issi-onary family, and 2 other mis-sionaries.  We p-ray for one another, wo-rship, have inductive Bi-ble Study, and Fellow-ship.  One Sunday out of the month we have an all native ch-urch.  Daniel, and our senior miss-ionary/pa-stor switch off each month in giving the message and serving communion.  In addition, we have 4 children (2 belong to us) so we have a children’s mini-stry room.

Di-scipleship Training:
Once a week we meet in our home with around 8-10 natives to encourage and train them.  There are 3 main roles in our meeting:  1 person facilitates, 1 prepares wo-rship, and 1 leads the Bi-ble Study.  We then encourage them in the faith, and encourage them to reach out to their peers during the week.  The vision is to train them in each of these roles, so that they can start there own small groups/chu-rches.  Because they are natives, they can cross cultural barriers that we cannot, and as a result multiply quickly in this large country.

The Cafe/Tea & Talk:
In addition to hosting during the week we are helping in our pioneer mis-sionaries cafe.  Daniel serves tables, makes drinks and deserts.  This is also a great opportunity to meet new people in hopes of sharing the Good News with them.

Tea & Talk:
Tea & Talk is our way of eva-ngelism: Once a week we go to the local university to promote the cafe and invite the students to learn english with foreigners for free!  The “talk” is free, but not the tea :) We have certain topical questions that are p-rayerfully designed to lead to Ch-rist. We have already seen 1 come to C-hrist, and he has attended 2 of our studies.

Pr-ay Requests:
-Please pr-ay for the m-inistry and the workers: Our mis-sionary P-astor left to oversee a new work in the north.  While gone, he gave Daniel his min-istry responsibilities.  Please pr-ay for strength.
-Pr-ay for our home: Like mentioned, our home is a meeting place for w-orship.  Please p-ray that G-od would fill it with His presence and cover it with His protection.
-P-ray for our language studies:  It can be overwhelming to balance m-inistry while studying a foreign language.  Pr-ay for strength and wisdom.  Also for our tutors: Liz’s tutor comes to our home.  She is a native Believer, so Liz is able to p-ray with her and encourage her.  Daniel goes to a local school.  For the last 10-15 minutes of his class, he is teaching his tutor english by using B-ible stories.
-Perspectives Class: Liz will begin teaching 2 women who are mature native believers.  They will begin to go through the Perspectives course.
-Our children and family: P-ray for the L-ord to strengthen our family.  Our family, marriage and children are our first m-inistry.
-Translations for minority group.  There have been people popping up here and there with the same vision for Translations.  P-ray for wisdom and discernment on who and when to work.

Thank you for your pr-ayers and partnership!

Blessings to you in the Name of our sweet J-e-s-us,
-Daniel (Dan ni er), Liz (Yi Li Sha Bai), Abbagail (A bi gai er), & Liam (Li ya mu)